They say necessity is the mother of all inventions. In our case that certainly seems to be the theme of this company. While Diesel Doctor, our drive-in facility, started by an inability to find great technicians to diagnose. Choate Engineering Performances’ engine department actually started much in the same manner. If you have listened to any of our podcasts you may have heard us reference machine shop frustrations.

Imagine going down into the Grand Canyon while trusting someone to hold the rope for you hundreds of feet suspended over the ledge. An over exaggeration, but a very applicable example of what it’s like trusting a machine shop to make sure that all tolerances, clearances, and specifications are correct. You spend a tremendous amount of time, especially on a diesel engine to reassemble it. Many times calling for cab removal to install the monster. The last thing you want to do is get it all back together just to find that the machine shop, the one you trusted in, let go of the proverbial rope.


Having found ourselves in the pit of despair with no help from the machine shops we dealt with we made a decision. We would hold our own rope. We either would completely get out of this business or we would invest thousands and thousands of dollars into what is one of the top machine shops in the country. And so we threw our efforts and finances into what is now known as “Choate Engineering”. We have amazing capabilities that we always had wanted the machine shops we dealt with to have, but would never make the investment. With 4 and 5 axis capabilities as well as flow bench and testing equipment we can handle anything that comes thru our doors!


Assuring that quality control stays in our hands and in-house we sleep better at night knowing that each engine that ships out all over the country have met or exceeded the high standards we have for it. With all that equipment, we also decided, “why stop there?” We can make a “better mousetrap” than the aftermarket, especially having everything made right here in the U.S.A. Also having the advantage from our other sister company we see common failures of these trucks and the causes for them. Which prompts us to address the issues with parts engineered for performance and longevity. We are family owned and our name is on the product. That means whatever it takes to ensure a standard of excellence from each product sold, is what we will do! We greatly appreciate your trust and your business.




    From left to right.

Katie Grapes, Justin Noble, Charles Bennett, Levi, Jack Miller, Fred, Cass Choate, Aubry Choate, Clint Wallace, Niesel Gade, Abigail Gade, Billy Miller