6.0/6.4/7.3 Precision Torque Converter 5R110

6.0/6.4/7.3 Precision Torque Converter 5R110

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Stallion Power Stroke Torque Converter Since 1989 the Ford Power Stroke Diesel has had numerous types of failures. Ford Motor Company and the aftermarket specialists have addressed most of the issues. However, there is one problem that still exists; the torque converter. The problems consists of being too loose, which generates excessive heat, which leads to complete converter destruction. Precision Industries has been building the Multi-Disc torque converter for a variety of makes and models since 1996. Then in 2000 after many requests we applied this technology to the Ford Power Stroke unit.

r What do these advantages mean to you? 1. Increased mileage due to superior and efficient fluid coupling. 2. Better acceleration from a stop due to increased torque multiplication. 3. No more overheating in heavy traffic or hot weather pulling a load. 4. No more turbo lag. 5. Peace of mind knowing that the Stallion Converter has a 100% 5 year warranty. NO CORE CHARGE