6.0 HEADS 18mm/20mm- (Reconditioned Casting)

6.0 HEADS 18mm/20mm- (Reconditioned Casting)





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Valves and Springs are Reconditioned

  • Magnuflux
  • Iron matrix valve guides, honed to size for excellent lubrication and oil retention as well as maximum consistency in guide diameter for longevity. Our Guides are made with higher graphite content which is a lubricating component. This insures that the life of both valve stem and guide is solid for 100s of thousands of miles, with worry free service
  • Pressure tested at 50 PSI and 210F and vacuum checked.
  • Blueprinted to proprietary valve train geometry, to alter valve height and valve recession for maximum reliability and longevity. Our Valve stem heights are altered to remove preload on the lifter and decrease the wear and help the lifter live a long life.
  • Resurface :  We incorporate the use of profilometers to make sure that the flatness and surface finish of the static area meets the Ra of the gasket manufacturer. This is mandatory for proper gasket sealing and keeps the head gasket from failing. Ra is a arithmetic average of the surface finish
  • Pressure test : We already test our heads with this process so you can rest assured there is no chance of porosity failures that can be associated with casted parts. Do the job one time the right way!
  • Hardened seats:  75% of heat dissipation occurs thru the seat area of the head. This is so important that the valve seat is made of proper metallurgy because it is the conduit to transfer heat from the valve into the cooling system. We only use the highest quality seats to maintain our quality . These hardened seats also fix the problem of cylinder head cracking that is so infamous with the factory integrated seat.



  • New Freeze plugs, Grind Valves, New guides and Shop peening for stress relief.

1 Year warranty on Cylinder heads. Parts warranty only.


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