6.4 08-10 Performance Cylinder Heads

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This listing is for 2 Cylinder Heads. 


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Iron matrix valve guides honed to size for excellent lubrication and oil retention as well as maximum consistency in guide diameter for longevity. Our Guides are made with higher graphite content which is a lubricating component. This insures that the life of both valve stem and guide is solid for 100s of thousands of miles, with worry-free service

Upgraded heavy duty casting, thicker than OE Our Castings are made thicker in problematic areas that have known to fail to cause not only cracks but also leading to fuel contamination in the cooling system.

Pressure tested at 50 PSI and 210F and vacuum checked.

Blueprinted to proprietary valvetrain geometry, to alter valve height and valve recession for maximum reliability and longevity. Our Valve stem heights are altered to remove preload on the lifter and decrease the wear and help the lifter live a long life.

Resurface: We incorporate the use of profilometers to make sure that the smoothness and surface finish of the static area meets the Ra of the gasket manufacturer. This is mandatory for proper gasket sealing and keeps the head gasket from failing. Ra is an arithmetic average of the surface finish

Pressure test: We already test our heads with this process so you can rest assured there is no chance of porosity failures that can be associated with casted parts. Do the job one time the right way!

Hardened seats:  75% of heat dissipation occurs through the seating area of the head. This is so important that the valve seat is made of proper metallurgy because it is the conduit to transfer heat from the valve into the cooling system. We only use the highest quality seats to maintain our quality. These hardened seats also fix the problem of cylinder head cracking that is so infamous with the factory integrated seat.

 Performance (ADD)

New USA made high-quality valve springs, retainers, locks, valve stem seals, freeze plugs, glow plug sleeves and injector sleeves.

Valve spring pressure is tested and balanced to ensure consistent spring pressure across all valves

Valves and Springs are New.

Porting Polishing, Oring, and Performance Valvetrain Included, HD Valve spring Keepers, Thermal Coating


You will get the most benefit out of our camshaft by porting, because of greater mass air density, less heat in the engine on the intake side and greater heat dissipation on the exhaust side. Porting gives you better throttle responses across the board and helps the overall aspect of any engine.

What about increased HP you may ask?

Its relative to the energy in the cylinder, which means much of it depends on the size of injectors and turbos, The porting itself decrease the parasitic losses by lowering the exhaust back pressure on the piston


A receiver groove is machined into the deck surface of the heads and our USA made stainless wire is pressed into the groove- the wire protrudes from the groove applying extra pressure to all layers of the gaskets- sealing combustion pressure in the cylinder. It is reusable should you have the heads off of the engine for any reason in the future. Our oringed heads work with any standard off the shelf head gasket. WE do not require any special machining of the block just prep the deck surface ensuring the block is clean dry and flat. We do as manufacture however prefer the Felpro Head gasket. The oring provides a heat sink from the fire ring and conveys that heat obtained into the cooling system.


THERMAL COATING *material issue due to COVID, may not be available

One of the best applications for coatings is in combustion chamber areas. Coating the combustion chamber of a cylinder head can increase performance significantly. Tuning changes can also increase the level of power generated.. Coating the intake and exhaust runners can also impact performance. Coating the exterior and the area under the valve cover can improve heat management

By coating the combustion chamber, we reduce the amount of heat that escapes during the power stroke which means more of the heat generated is utilized in “pushing” the piston down. The coating also insulates the surfaces so that they absorb less heat, reducing the load on the cooling system and reducing the amount of dimensional change the head may see from the heat it absorbs.

The coating functions in several ways:

Thermal Barrier To keep heat in.
Radiation To move heat over the surface to reduce hot spots
Convection Reflect heat into “cooler” or shrouded areas of the chamber.
Reduced Thermal Transfer. The coating retains less residual heat from combustion than other thermal barriers, thus transferring less heat to the incoming fuel charge
Combining these features increases power levels, reduces part operating temperature.

By allowing the heat of combustion to be more efficiently used, the fuel charge is better combustion
By accelerating the burn rate of the fuel, through better heat management, less timing is needed to have the optimum burn occur at top dead center.

1 year warranty on heads This Price does not include shipment of Heads

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