6.7 Powerstroke Precision Torque Converter 6R140

6.7 Powerstroke Precision Torque Converter 6R140

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The 6R140 Story
The new 6R140 diesel torque converter from Precision industries
is now available. Precision Industries spent more than a year developing and
testing this new torque converter. The new 6R140 torque converter is truly
unique in that it was a total redesign for the 6.7 Power-Stroke diesel. Unlike
our competition that only added a little more clutch to a stock factory
torque converter and charges upwards of $2350.00. Precision Industries
designed and manufactured every part of their 6R140 torque converter
except for the bearings and one-way clutch not just simply adding a little
more clutch. This was necessary due to Precision Industries wanting to
increase durability and performance.
Some of the design changes we deemed necessary were: 1. Removal
of the damper was necessary which in extreme use can break the springs
and contaminate the torque converter. 2. The new impeller and turbine
assemblies were design for greater efficiency and fluid flow along with being
fully furnace brazed. 3. The special alloy impeller, turbine hubs and stator
races are cryogenically treated. 4. The Precision Industries designed stators
and impeller allow for 12 different stall speeds and stall torque ratios. 5. The
proprietary Precision Industries clutch friction material has proven to be
superior when used in extreme conditions. 6. The 6R140 torque converter
has 150 sq. in. of clutch contact area for greater holding power under
adverse conditions. 7. Every piece of the new 6R140 torque converter is
electronically balanced. 8. The 6R140 torque converter comes with a 5 year
unlimited mileage no BS warranty. 9. There is NO core charge or need to
return the stock units.
The difference this will make to the drivability of your truck will be
dramatic. It will have more acceleration when just driving back and forth to
work or pulling the heavy trailer. Your truck will be more fun to drive and
get better mileage. The only disadvantage might be buying rear tires if you