7.3 Mahle Pistons Coated Flycut and Deliiped "SINGLE"(requires 8)

7.3 Mahle Pistons Coated Flycut and Deliiped “SINGLE”(requires 8)

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  • Choate Engineering pistons are designed with the factory problems in mind. As do all our products, these pistons help to solve issues with piston failures!
    • The reentrant bowl design is used to increase the temperature in the bowl to lower hydrocarbons. The reverse flow area in the pocket of the piston creates a “hot spot” that can lead to piston failure. After the fatigue of the alloy, the exhaust gasses act as a cutting torch and start from here ending in a crack across the piston in the same axis as the wrist pin. Knowing this we machine and Delip the area causing these issues to relieve it from generating these hot spots, and shortening the dwell time of the reverse flow area.
    • The polyPhen coating is a thermal barrier that resists heat and heat absorption into the piston. Which forces more heat into the cooling system via the piston rings. By keeping the heat in the cylinder instead of the components it not only causes the internals to live longer but also gives more efficiency to the engine.
    • We offer valve reliefs also know as Fly cutting for larger cams, and lower compression ratios for higher boosted engines. This is a great addition for high-performance engines, some race applications, or those that are towing heavy and need peace of mind. We engineer these parts for your success.

    All of our machining is done and designed in our State of the art facility. Our “G3” pistons are designed to have no sharp edges which are the areas heat tends to be concentrated. We have machined all areas with sharp edges to generate a smooth edge,  Steel top ring groove and coated skirts to prevent piston scuffing on the cylinder walls. The plasma coated, steel top ring and Ductile Iron second oil ring is a two piece design to maintain oil containment. Our coating has been tested and proven to hold up to the intense cylinder heat and pressure. Coating isn’t everything, The preparation of the surface is mandatory for proper retention!


    ******Any machining done to this product has a 2 day turn around time.******