6.7 Cummins Precision Torque Converter 68RFE

6.7 Cummins Precision Torque Converter 68RFE






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Multi-Disc Dodge Cummins Torque Converter The Viper Torque Converter for the Dodge Cummins Diesel has our unique Billet Steel front cover to prevent internal damage to the clutch surface. This CNC machined front cover contains the 3 lockup clutches capable of holding without slipping through the clutch. We also use a special 15 blade stator inside the converter to produce the maximum amount of torque multiplication. It is designed to remove slippage in the mid to low ranges but still get heavy loads moving on take off. Custom Built For Your Truck! Dodge Turbo-Diesel Torque Converter Since 1992 the Dodge Turbo-Diesel has had numerous types of failures some of which have been addressed by Chrysler Corporation and the aftermarket specialists. The main failure that is still present to this day is the problems with the torque converter. These problems consist of being to loose, generating heat, cracking of the front cover and complete self destruction. The aftermarket has attempted to address the torque converter problems but has come up short. While helping the self destruction problems the aftermarket has done very little to stop overheating, clutch failure and improve performance. Precision Industries has been building multi-disk torque converters since 1996 and after many requests we applied this technology to the Dodge Turbo-Diesel unit in 1997. The following are just a few of the advantages our Viper torque converter has over the competition: 1. One-piece steel billet cover not the poorly designed metal plate with a outer ring welded to it that can cause leaks over time. 2. A clutch driver with the superior 40 round lug contact point design that has a total contact area of .935” sq. in. not the inferior 30 square lug contact point design that only has a total contact area of .600” sq. in. 3. Computer designed stator and stator races for the diesel application. 4. We manufacture a special clutch assembly to withstand the extreme abuse of heavy towing, sled pulling, etc. 5. The clutch friction has a total contact area of over 140 sq. in. 6. The impeller and turbine are fully furnace brazed, not stitch tacked, for maximum vortex fluid flow and strength. 7. A special formulated friction material for handling high temperatures along with the best holding characteristics of any friction material made. As a potential customer you are asking yourself what are all these advantages going to do for me. (1) You will experience increased mileage due to superior and efficient fluid coupling the Viper torque converter has at all speeds. (2) You will have more acceleration from a dead stop due to the increased torque multiplication to a point that you will think you added a power chip to your vehicle. (3) There will be no more worries about overheating the transmission in heavy traffic in hot weather pulling a heavy load due to the fluid shear of a poorly designed torque converter. (4) There will be no turbo lag and no need to add extra power to get your truck to drive and operate properly. (5) You will have peace of mind knowing that the Viper torque converter has a 100% 5 year warranty. In all of our testing, nothing compares to the Viper.